Smoked Trout


Taster pack (1.2lb) — $30
Bulk box (5lb) — $120

Taste: Sweet and savoury with mild smoke flavour

Raised on our family’s eco-farms in Grey County with plenty of fresh water, low densities and sustainable diets. More on our ethical practices

Brined in molasses and artisanally hot smoked using local apple wood. Add to a charcuterie, salad, breakfast or any time you want a protein-packed treat.

So fresh it’s frozen. We humanely harvest, fillet and smoke within a day. Simply thaw and serve. Read reviews

Each 1.2lb pack has 4 or 5 fillets. Every bulk box has 16 – 22 fillets. All individually vac-packed. Stays fresh for 6 months in the freezer.

Free delivery on all orders over $50, or we kindly ask $10 for delivery.

Ingredients: Rainbow trout, brown sugar, garlic, molasses, salt

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