DISCONTINUED – Atlantic Salmon



2lb pack — $50
5lb box — $105
10lb box — $190

Taste: Mild nut-like flavour

Raised at a sustainable land-based farm in Centre Burlington, Nova Scotia called Sustainable Blue. Similar to our family farms in Ontario, they raise fish using plenty of fresh water, low densities and sustainable diets. More on our ethical practices

So fresh it’s frozen. All salmon are humanely harvested, filleted, individually vac-packed and frozen within a day. Stays fresh for 6 months. Read reviews

The salmon is vac-packed in thick 8oz portions (two servings), so a 5lb box has 10 packs (or 20 servings).

Easy and healthy meals. Our mother offers some simple tips she’s learned cooking fish for over 25 years, and shares her favourite recipes too.


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